Special Education Compliance Review

Light Street has a successful history of working with clients to complete a full and comprehensive review of the school’s special education programs. Light Street tailors each compliance review to align with the regulatory requirements for the respective state. This service has been beneficial for schools that are preparing for a special education monitoring through their state department of education. It allows the schools to obtain findings of noncompliance and make necessary corrections prior to the state monitoring. This service has also been beneficial for schools that are seeking an unbiased review and analysis of the current special education program.

Light Street can tailor each special education compliance review to address the client needs. Below is the standard compliance review process that has been successful.

Special Education Compliance Review Process:

  1. Selection of 20% or more of current special education files including initial evaluations, re-evaluations, current Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and applicable notices. The file sample includes files from multiple campuses, teachers and includes a normative sample of qualifying categories of eligibility.
  2. Special Education file reviews. Dependent upon schools needs and software management system used, the file reviews may occur onsite or virtually.
  3. Special Education Director, teachers, related service providers and administrator interviews
  4. Classroom observations to verify implementation of IEP.
  5. Summary of Findings which will include a written report and presentation
  6. Recommendations for continued improvement.