Resource Management

We nurture our employees with mentoring and support that includes professional and personal development through continuing education, licensure reimbursement, and opportunities for leadership advancement.

Our team’s extensive special education backgrounds allow us to understand innovative service delivery, best practice, IEP and compliance management, and research-based intervention.Our team works with our partners to improve student performance by building effective special education teams. We strive to create the perfect support system to enable school districts meet their goals—and, most importantly, the students we serve to find success.

Light Street Special Education Solutions provides the following special education professionals:

Whether by providing on-demand, virtual staff members, or a team of full-time or part-time professionals, we can help. Our team of experts stand ready to support school leaders’ needs.

We offer Flexible Support Options

On-Site or Full-Time Staff
Program Consultation and Design
Fully Managed Programs
On Demand
Virtual Staff

Consultative Partners

Our approach to schools and districts is rooted in a consultative mindset. This means balancing an understanding of long-term needs with the urgency of mandates and a need for immediate action. In addition to providing on-site special education professionals, Light Street offers special education management services for school networks and districts in search of a complete special education partner.

Cost Efficient

Light Street prides itself on being effective without wasting time, effort, or expense. We achieve success through productivity, efficiency, and careful management of both variable and fixed costs.

Before we start with a new school, Light Street Special Education Solutions conducts a needs assessment to understand your immediate, intermediate, and long-term needs. During the consultation, we seek to understand your general challenges such as training, continuing education, specialized staffing, compliance, or excessive indirect costs. We also discuss service delivery options, blended models, and caseload management. This evaluative process allows us to create a tailored solution to meet your unique needs.